From big projects like building schools and developing infrastructure, to smaller but equally important initiatives such as providing mosquito nets to prevent illness so that students don’t miss out on lessons; working with partners to provide sight restoration to give young people the opportunities they deserve and supporting teachers in their special educational needs training.

Poverty is a great barrier to education and opportunity. Working with our trusted representatives in Uganda and Rwanda HUGS have delivered food aid during the current COVID-19 crisis, helping a number of the most vulnerable students and their families; hungry children cannot learn. The family below live in Eastern Rwanda, they recently received parcels of rice and flour. Their father suffered a brain injury in an accident, their mother has a disability. Of the 5 school age children at home just two are studying, the others are unable to access education. This family, like many others just needs a little help.

There are many children in need of support to help them through education, raise them out of poverty and create opportunities for them to flourish. £150 pays for the education of a primary school child for 1 year. £300 pays for the education of a secondary school child for 1 year.

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