Helping children to eat well, to learn well.

It isn’t possible to teach a hungry child. Many children only flourish when they receive regular meals. All our schools are aware of the need to provide food to their most impoverished children, and do so in a variety of ways. Some ask parents to pay school fees ‘in kind’, others have land to grow food. St Zoes School has 40 acres, whilst Little Shephard has a coffee plantation to general income for food. Good Shephard school has a fish pond (tilapia) and raises pigs. Preparing meals is one of a schools greatest overheads, they need kitchen staff, firewood and the food itself. You cab often find a field of maize, and chickens at our schools.

With the extra land, HUGS has helped us buy, we can grow enough food for all our children.

Sister Theresa, Good Shepherd Headteacher

All the children at St Francis de Sales School have special needs. When they first arrive at school they can be malnourished. Having a disability as a child in Uganda, in many households, means you are served meals last and given the poorest food.

Recently HUGS has been helping schools to purchase fuel efficient stoves, or ones which work off solar energy or gas from latrines. This helps reduce environmental impact and saved the school considerable money, to then invest in education.