Credit to the people we work with.

Father John Kyazze
Father John Kyazze
Ronald Kamoga
Sister Mary Mukanyangezi
Sebastien Waiswa

Father John Kyazze is a university lecturer in Information Technology as well as a Catholic Priest. Ronald Kamoga is the director of a Ugandan NGO (CEFOVID) that works in one of Kampala’s biggest slums, Sebastian Waiswa is a father of a deaf child, School Principle and director of the Organisation of Parents of Disabled Children. These are just a few of our trusted representatives. These are the people with the drive, commitment and creativity to make things happen. HUGS provides money, finds technical expertise and offers support through debate and dialogue.

Our trusted representatives are in the centre of networks of hardworking, charitable people focused on the improvement of children’s education. Builders, farmers, parents, teachers, cleaners and many other people prepared to roll their sleeves up and get on with the job.

A project usually starts with a conversation with a trusted advisor on one of their ideas

A typical project (if there ever is a typical) usually starts with a conversation with a trusted advisor on one of their ideas. Ideas like, ‘let’s help educate these 15 orphans’, ‘let’s improve school income by opening a hair salon’ or ‘let’s help this girl to become a midwife’. We encourage development of ideas, sustainability and financial planning. The HUGS board of trustees looks at allocation of funds, sometimes small (we need new play equipment) to large (we need a science block for all our all girls school). We rely on effective relationships rather than administrative structures to ensure value for money.

We use our contacts in the UK and the ease of international communication to encourage the participation of other funding bodies or people with expertise. We never quite know what we will fund next, as ideas and projects form organically and from the ‘bottom up’.