How HUGS helps teaching staff.

Without teachers there would be no learning. HUGS tries to help improve the working conditions of teachers. We ensure they are paid monthly, and has good terms and conditions of employment.

Primary Teachers at Good Shephard School
Ronald, who was sponsored through a Diploma of Special Needs Education

We help teachers have the right equipment to carry out their work. Many of the classrooms are colourful, vibrant and stimulating. We have provided IT equipment to help them deliver teaching in computers. We have provided funs so that teachers can visit other schools, learn new techniques and gain aspiration. Above all we treat our educators with respect.

I have become a better teacher through my special needs diploma, thanks to HUGS.

Most of our schools have problems retaining teachers, they often run small businesses as well as teach (being intelligent entrepreneurs) and can easy be attracted away from the classroom by better wages. HUGS has funded the development of comfortable teachers accommodation at most of our schools. This reduces the need to travel and avoids the need to pay rent. It also creates a great community and allows children to have contact with motivated, coring, well educated adults during evenings and weekends. Its a win-win situation.