It is not possible to teach a hungry child. This is known by all teachers in all parts of the world, even the UK. The BBC published an article in March, featuring a school in Edinburgh were every Monday, after work, staff would shop to replenish the school food bank. Parents were given food so their children didnt have to came to school hungry.

Accessing nutritious food for students has always been a challenge for all the HUGS sponsored schools, and is currently more difficult as global food prices rise. All our schools are situated in poor areas and have children who board.  Head teachers know when nutritious meals are provided regularly, physical growth, educational achievement and joy of life all rapidly improve. This has been seen most dramatically in the children who started at St Francis de Sales Special Needs School in January. Children with disabilities are often so undervalued they are the last to receive any good quality food at home, but thanks to your donations these kids are growing, learning and laughing.

HUGS, with your generous support has allowed St Francis de sales School to recently buy a further 8 acres of land and we are raising funds to help Good Shepherd acquire two more (£5000, if you know anyone who could contribute). The second year of coffee crop at Little Shepherd School is being harvested and along side the banana and beans they planted is helping may disadvantaged children afford a place in school and have the health to learn.  Our new school for the children from the Kosovo Slum, is going to be developed on 10 acres, as these children are the hungriest we have ever cared for.

As global food prices rise, the UN and FAO predict a deepening inequality in entitlement and access to food. We are working hard to protect our children. 

Thank you for your help and support.

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