Where you live has a profound influence on your child’s education and prospects in life.  Every parent wants the best for their child, and choosing a good school is part of this.  However if you live in a slum in Uganda you have no choice.  Your child, has to walk to school, along some of the most dangerous streets in the world, and attend a class of over 100 chi
ldren, many unwell or hungry.  You get taught, if your teacher turns up, but commonly they are absent.

Children born in the slums of the world need a new way of living, a new way of learning: new schools.

Helping Uganda Schools has forged a new close relationship with a Ugandan NGO called Community Empowerment for Village Development, who work in the KosOvo slum in Kampala.  33,000 live in this square kilometer, two thirds are children; 20% do not go to school.

We’d like to change this and have agreed to help build a new primary school, in the country, where 100s of children can live, run free, have regular nutritious food and enjoy the taste of safe uncontaminated water.  Most children, who live in KosOvo, remarkably, never step outside the slum before age 14. Their expectations of life are formed by their restricted realities.

This project is a huge undertaking, and one which HUGS is committed to for many years to come.  The impact is going to be significant.  We are targeting help at some of the most disadvantaged children in Africa.

We have teamed up with a group of small charities; Jamie’s legacy, Bury Africa Outreach and Friends of Two Tone, to work together to make the school a reality.  We are working with the generosity of a new donor, who has joined our cause with a compassion and commitment that will never be forgotten.  The task ahead of us, is not just to construct the buildings but, also to safeguard future sustainability.  This will be challenging as many parents are destitute and cannot afford even small school fees. It is paramount we consider income generation, farming, food sufficiency, water catchment and child sponsorship.

f anyone wants to be involved in this amazing project, please email the HUGS team. If you know of anyone with a generous heart who wants to leave a lasting legacy and to donate to help us, please encourage them to make contact.

All skills are welcome.

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