The Latest News

Let’s update you on what is happening in Uganda and Rwanda and how the schools and projects are getting on.

COVID-19 has resulted in lockdown in both countries and that has had a serious economic effect on the countries and the people. Uganda has had 900 cases of COVID and no deaths. The population average age is very low.
Rwanda has had 1063 cases and 3 deaths. But it must be very difficult to know if the statistics have been verified. Countries have been reporting in a variety of different methods and comparison is really a bit difficult to trust.

Schools have been closed and that creates a special problem. So many children rely on school for breakfast and midday meal. Hunger is the real threat as you know from our earlier blog.

We are progressing with the special needs school at Jinja and roofing is about to start.

It’s worth spending a couple of minutes looking at this great UNICEF video.

View the video here

We are working to do the same with our Special Needs School in Fort Portal and with new new St Francis de Sales School for deaf children in Jinja. We hope to open it in 2021.

Good progress to with the Fort Portal Agricultural project. This is to help feed the staff and children and also make the school more self sufficient.
The first phase was  purchasing of land which is now complete.
Ploughing, digging, buying seeds, planting, weeding plants – done
Chain link fencing – done
Construction of the pit latrine – done
The construction of the three roomed house – done
We just need to construct the barn for the bullocks.

One great lesson we have learnt in 25 years as a charity. Because we think we are an advanced nation then we think we can fix things; yet so often this is quite the wrong thing to do. Success comes in helping people to help themselves and while money helps it is often the moral support and interest that can inspire people. We can’t “fix” deaf and blind and disabled children but we can help them to live with their disabilities and make the very most of their chances.

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