Report: Feed the Children project

Dear HUGS supporters, we would like to thank you for your recent generosity. You have helped to make something very special happen.

During May we received an increasing number of reports of children in Uganda and Rwanda who were starting to suffer because of the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions. In these countries state social protection is very small and most people do not have savings. When they are told to stay indoors and self-isolate, they cannot work. No work means no income and pretty soon people are hungry. 

Sr Stella in Rwanda

Many of our trusted representatives asked for our help to simply feed the hungry children. HUGS supporters responded with generosity and kindness to our appeal, and we were able to transfer a total of £2,400 between four of our trusted representatives. They have used this money to buy and distribute food.

Helping families in Jinja

Sebastian, in Jinja has been helping the poorest families with disabled children. The HUGS bought motorbike has been a lifeline to isolated communities where suffering goes unnoticed. Sr Stella in Rwanda went through her school register and identified the poorest 18 families, home to 61 children. Each child received the equivalent of 10,000 Rwandan Francs, in cash or food. This is enough to feed them for three weeks. It many not be enough food for long, but it may be enough to last until restrictions are lifted.

80 childeren in Rutunguru have been assisted

In Rutunguru, Sr Jacinta has staged a relief effort using local trucks to deliver 100kg of beans, 750kg of grain, soap and salt to 20 of the poorest families who have children attending the Little Shepherd School, where she is the school leader.  She chose families where there 4 or more children. In total 80 children will now have enough food, the meal ‘Posho’ is nutritious and filling.

The generosity of our HUGS donors has brought relief and comfort to so many children. It is such an important cause. Together we have shown it is possible to make a direct link between people who ‘have’ in the UK and the most deprived, who do not ‘have’ in other parts of the world. 

Full credit to the hard work of everyone who has made this happen.

Thank you.

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