At a time when 1.7 billion people around the world are in lock down it is so easy for us to wait until someone wise tells us what to do. A dangerous route to take when we remember of all the awful things that have been happening in our world and which were either started or ‘not prevented’ by our political masters.

They have not suddenly become wise and truthful. They are the same and so often muddling along giving the appearance of knowing what to do.

I’m not an expert on Covid 19 but I do now that if I catch it it will be because of my own carelessness or that of others.

It took far too long for the simple message STAY AT HOME to be the lesson learned to date.  Wash my hands over and over again. Keep at least 2 meters away from people.

Our new St Francis de Sales School at Jinja is on programme but we are carefully considering the wisdom of  a number of builders working on the project. It’s a pretty isolated site and a long way from the big towns but Uganda now has Covid 19 and their health services could never handle a major epidemic. We may decide to pause.

Progress to date

All our Uganda and Rwanda schools have closed and many people they will rely upon a small holding or large vegetable garden which has proved to be the route to survival so often in the past. We have less resilience in UK.

Thanks to all our donors for your continuing support. This month we had our charity Annual General Meeting and I stood down as Chairman and Administrator and handed over to Dr. Richard Bircher, my son in law. He will do a brilliant job. I will remain as a Trustee and try not to meddle.

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