A Global Emergency

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has set the world a challenge to remain safe and prevent deaths.

We are kept constantly updated by our Governments on hand washing, social distancing, staying in our own homes and isolating the most vulnerable. We are all doing our upmost to comply because we know this will save lives. There is a social and economic impact of the restraints we are currently living under but we are all try to make the best of it and hope this epidemic is soon over.

We at HUGS also know the affect this is having on our friends in Uganda. They are trying to cope with all these changes without the safety net and infrastructure we have here in the UK. The schools in Uganda were closed without warning. Sebastian and Fred had to rush around collecting the children from the various boarding schools and return them to their own homes. One of the children couldn’t return to his own home so Sebastian and his wife Victoria have taken him in and made room, together with their own five children. Another one of the children we pay school fees for was worried there would be no food at home to feed him. We had anticipated this and our good friend Lydia who runs the Bury African Outreach Charity sent money to pay for emergency food.

As a precaution we have stopped the building work on our new school for deaf children.

Covid 19 has appeared in Uganda and if it really takes off then the very limited health resources cannot be expected to cope.

There are 55 Intensive Care beds in Uganda. Manchester University Hospital Royal Infirmary alone has more than that.

If you could help a little the LINK IS HERE

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