Swimming naked

Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked”

Attributed to Warren Buffet, the sagacious American investor. But the tide is going out for so many of us and particularly for our friends in Uganda and Rwanda.

As you all know we really focus all our spending on education and things very closely related to it.

But that was then. Now things are very different. We in UK have one of tthe worst Covid-19 mortality rates in the world. Uganda and Rwanda do not appear to have very many deaths. But the nations have closed down everything with no form of social security whatsoever. Nothing.

The population is desperate for food and starvation is the real threat today.

£5 buys a large bag of flour and £10 buys a large bag of rice like the one on Sebastian’s motorbike.

We have been helping in Lira and Jinja. Partner Sebastian is delivering foodstuff.

While we will continue our present programmes, but rather more slowly we agonise about the dilemma “if the children die of starvation and do we really need more schools?”

We think we do need them but will be directing some of our donations to help tackle the most grave problems knowing that we cannot really do a great deal.

We have started an appeal on our Virgin Money Giving donation site. If any reader would like to help that would be great.  Virgin money take almost nothing in administration costs.

If you could help a little the LINK IS HERE

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