A good start to 2020

The big news for everyone involved with education and schools in Uganda and in Rwanda is always the release of the primary 7 (leaving exam) for school children. In Uganda about 12,000 schools take these and about 600,000 children and parents wait nervously through Christmas waiting for the results.

Our schools are no exception and once again the results have not disappointed.

  • St Therese’s in Rukira Rwanda had 26 entrants with 20 grade one and six grade 2.
  • Good Shepherd in Uganda had 12 entrants all with Grade 2
  • St Zoes in Uganda has 29 entrants with 9 Grade 1 and 20 Grade 2.

We congratulated the children and the teachers. These results are far above the national average with about half of all the Uganda Schools getting no Grade one results which is so sad. They are not stupid children. They struggle with huge class sizes and very often absent teachers.

Sweet celebrations for the teachers at St Therese’s in Rwanda

The other big story this month is that after lots of thinking and planning work has now started on building our new nursery school for deaf children.
It will be named after St Francis de Sales, the patron saint of the deaf and is being led by Waiswa Sebastian and his Organisation for the Parents of Deaf Children.

We will keep you up to date on progress.

GroundworksSetting out the buildings
Taking delivery of the bricks

January also sees the start of a new school year and this is when we spend a lot of our donor money in renewing scholarships for the year 2020. Currently we have 50 renewals for primary and secondary school. Another 9 are at Further education level and renew in August. And  few more finished primary school this year and will now be starting secondary school. Not all will have HUGS scholarships.

Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a student or support teacher training.

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